Elena Khozhina, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.Sr. Water Scientist, Project Manager
Dr. Khozhina manages Ecoreg Solutions’ Winnipeg office. Elena is an environmental consultant, registered professional Agrologist, and Biologist with over 20 years of consulting and research experience. Elena manages environmental assessments, baseline studies, and monitoring programs throughout central Canada. Elena’s primary areas of expertise are water quality, geochemistry, fisheries resources, site reclamation, as well as permits and approvals for industry with a focus on mining. Throughout her career Dr. Khozhina has been involved in hydrology, and revegetation in mining, linear infrastructure (pipelines, electric powerlines, canals, highways), and municipal developments. Elena has trained First Nation monitors and provided ongoing support. She has a broad background and experience in sample preparation and analysis and has modified sampling methods to solve the many challenges of remote field work.