Wild White Sucker: Subcellular partitioning of metals and metalloids

wild white sucker - ecoreg solutions

Potential concern in a risk assessment context

Helga Sonnenberg is co author of an article published in the Journal of Aquatic Toxicology entitled “Subcellular partitioning of metals and metalloids (As, Cd, Cu, Se and Zn) in liver and gonads of wild white suckers (Catostomus commersonii) collected downstream from a mining operation.

Congratulations to Nastassia Urien the lead author and post doc and, to my esteemed colleagues Peter Campbell and Patrice Couture and their team at the Institute National de la Recherche Scientifiques in Quebec City, who provided exceptional guidance and technical capability. Several important insights were obtained from the research including an understanding of metal handling strategies and potential causes of observed effects in fish, as well as providing site specific data that can be used in risk assessment and environmental site management.

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