Erosion Monitoring on the Shekak River (1995-2018)

Assessment of channel changes along a river.

Erosion Monitoring

Project Description

Since 1995, senior staff at EcoReg Solutions have worked at a small hydroelectric facility constructed along the Shekak River, a large northern Ontario river. Flows were diverted from the Shekak River into the nearby Nagagami River. To determine the effects of the diversion on the stability of the Nagagami River, a bank erosion monitoring program was initiated and is ongoing. Swift flows, steep banks, and remoteness have been challenging over the years at this site.

Initially, a monitoring network of erosion pins were installed as required by regulators in an area of concern, at a sharp bend in the river. Erosion monitoring was later expanded to include pins along straight sections of the river, as well as including reference areas for comparison. The combined use of bank erosion pins, bank profile surveys, aerial imagery, and semi-quantitative estimates of bank erosion are used to assess channel changes along the section of river affected by the diversion.