Rayonier Cycle 7 Environmental Effects Monitoring (2016-2018)

Dramatic improvements observed in the Kapuskasing R.

Rayonier Cycle 7 Environmental Effects Monitoring

Project Description

Ms Sonnenberg has conducted the EEMs for this pulp mill on the Kapuskasing River since 1994. Dramatic improvements were observed in the receiving environment in 1997 after secondary treatment was implemented. But effects were confounded by a STP discharge. As such, alternative monitoring techniques including a caged bivalve study and national life cycle assessment study were used to evaluate effluent effects in the Kapuskasing River.

Cycle 7 EEM Study was completed and included a traditional EEM survey:

  • Effluent plume delineation

  • Water and sediment quality

  • Benthic invertebrate community survey

  • Adult fish survey